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Sarah's story:
"I have been through the Dark Night of the Soul.
I know the Pain of Emptiness and Loneliness; Anxiety and Depression - like an old friend. A really bad friend I couldn't shake for years...  
I thought I was stuck with these feelings for life...
I used drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of living. 
The constant Dread was eating me alive.
I was homeless, isolated and desperate. I truly believed that was it for me,  there was no light at the end of the tunnel.
But there is always a light, and light always wins...because light is stronger than Darkness...I can attest to this personally.
We all have the ability to Transform; no matter WHO we are, Where we've come from, or What we have done and it has been my journey in life coming out of the Dark in to the light, making this Divine Transformation in to the Light Worker that I was born to be - helping others to do the same.
It is my Sacred duty here on Earth to help & serve other beautiful Souls heal & transform their lives to Love, find Peace and bring Light in to their Lives - ending the struggle."
Sarah x

Sarah Lines, Creator of Goddess Alchemy
helps women who feel Lost..

like something is missing..
who want to step into their Goddess Power. Clearing the pain of the mind-body-spirit through

Advanced Energy Clearing & Manipulation to
Release old stagnant energies that are holding you back.
Sarah is your own personal Healer & Guide
throughout this magical process.
Helping you to tap in to your Goddess Energies.
Allow Sarah to help you heal all layers of your being... she will Love, Guide & Support you as the beautiful, special soul that you are.

Sarah's mission is to help women who have ‘all the things’ necessary to live a good, happy life but still feel like something is fundamentally missing.

When our beautiful soul incarnates to earth we ‘miss’ our true home on a deep soul level.

Sarah is here to help bridge the gap between our true home & our earthly home so as to feel fulfilled, whole & complete.

Sarah x
Soul Alchemist


"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"

- Buddha


For more info about Sarah Chakra Clearing - or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!