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Nourish your Soul
That part of you...
 You have been neglecting


Do you feel Lost in this life ?

Do you believe you may be a Star Seed, Earth Angel, a Lightworker ?

Are you Struggling to make sense of it all ?

Are you experiencing a deep change in your life ?

Are you beyond stressed?

Do you just need to get away from it all ?

Do you long for deeper meaning ?

A major Spiritual transformation ?

Do you have a thirst for knowledge & wisdom ?

Something bigger ?

Are you looking for that powerful life tool ?



DNA & Light Code Activations

Higher Self Integration

The Power of Intensive Group Healings

Revitalise your Mind-Body-Spirit

Come back transformed

Return home Sparkling & Brighter than ever

Inspire yourself & others

Remember who you are

All in a luxurious, supportive, non-judgmental, safe environment

*Studies say that spiritual & wellness retreats provide lasting benefits.

 ...Maintain positive moods

...Be happier overall mentally, emotionally & spiritually

...Develop a Stronger Connectionto you

...Make inner Peace a priority

...Connect with kindred Spirits for life

...Get a new Perspective

...Live life with Purpose

...Return truly Refreshed

...You Deserve it

Sacred Heart of Australia

Ayer's Rock Resort, at Uluru (a part of Kata Tjuta National Park), offers an essential experience of Australia’s spirited heartland. Central to a stay is discovery of the World Heritage listed wilderness and then, there is a serenity you have never experienced, tranquillity and luxurious spaces in which to relax in this Sacred place.

The Solar Plexus of Mother Earth

Chakras do not just exist in our bodies!
Earth's Chakras are majorly powerful, energetic centres and it is believed that when we spend time in these places, the frequency of our bodies become aligned with the energy of the chakras, resulting in a powerful spiritual experience.

This energy vortex (solar plexus chakra) of Earth provides a huge influx of energy...

The Solar Plexus means 'House of the Soul'. It is all about integrity, having a higher purpose and is the seat of confidence & power in your life path - this is where we manifest from !

Earth's Solar Plexus Chakra acts as an Umbilical Cord to the planet, maintaining life all around the globe.

Ayers Rock is a massive sandstone formation in central Australia and is the center of the Earth's solar plexus chakra. The aboriginals, who surround Ayers Rock know this chakra as Uluru. The rock formations play an important role in local Aboriginal groups 'Ancient Wisdom & Creation stories'.

For the indigenous people, Uluru has been a sacred altar of meaning historically.

Uluru, the feminine energy, is so beautiful and is balanced by the mountains of Kata Tjuta, the masculine energy of the area.

'When you immerse yourself in these energy fields you will find that your own electromagnetic field will become aligned with the frequency of the Chakra you are in'.

Here, you get to tap in to multidimensional planes working together as an energetic Crystalline grid around the planet.

Everyone will have their own unique experience in the Earth's Chakra points, reflecting the full spectrum of possibilities for us as humans to align & expand... representing the 'Collective' & Higher Self frequencies...

Merge with the unique vibrational frequencies needed for your Soul Growth & Evolution, aligning with your true self.

Uluru as a Stargate

A powerful energy portal to multidimensions, star people, ET's, and more... It is where the Higher Light can step down into our Earth realm.

Gods/Goddess & Spirit make themselves know at Uluru.

Long dormant DNA is re-activated, the Higher Chakras enter the body and the light body begins to return.

Uluru is already in 5th-6th dimensions so look forward in obtaining Spiritual Advance just by visiting this Sacred place.

'Allow the Consciousness of your Soul to take you on a journey.'


With Spirit, your Authenticity and your True essence



With your Higher Self, Embodying together so you can walk as one

Your innate Creativity
Get inspired
Become Spacious
Find your people creating Soul Connections for life




Step into your Light with Sarah x




ALL inclusive retreat:
25-30th MAY 2021


All meals
Airport Transfers
Visit & stay on Sacred land
Intensive Group Healing


Meditative experience

Goddess Rituals

Light Language

DNA & Light code activations
Beautiful x5 nights deluxe accommodation
Luxurious Spa treatment
Signature experiences
Stand with your Soul sisters