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Remote intuitive healing

* Please contact Sarah directly to book this service as she can offer more flexible times EG. Evenings and time convert to those Overseas ! contact@sarahchakraclearing.com


Universal energy knows no bounds of time or space...

Sarah uses the help of my Guides, Angels and other enlightened beings to aid throughout the session - Using Quantum Energies, Reiki Distant Healing Symbol & Masters to connect with you and Universal healing energy  is able to flow without limits of time and space.


This is SO beneficial if you or a loved one are too unwell to travel or have areas too painfull to touch, or live too far away for a treatment.

This is also perfect for children who are unable or do not want to lie down for a long period of time; Sarah can send healing while they sleep.. x

You recieve an emailed report within 24 hours of the session


* Pay Pal & Bank transfer accepted